Swimming Pool Safety

Pool safety is everyone's business when it comes to backyard pools! Some key tips and resources can be found below. Please contact Council's Growth & Liveability Department on 6817 8800 for further information.



Pool fencing requires regular maintenance to ensure it remains a safe and effective barrier to prevent drownings. In the warmer months, check your pool fence to keep your family and friends safe. Download a free checklist here.


Registering your swimming pool or spa pool is quick and easy. NSW laws require all property owners in NSW to register their swimming pool or spa pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register here. There is also a handy 'How to register' video tutorial available on the Register website.


Did you know that pools holding 30cm or more of water, including portable and inflatable pools, require the same fencing as any other backyard pool? Fines for a non-compliant pool enclosure can be as high as $5,500! Kids can drown in silence or suffer serious brain injury if left unsupervised around water. Water left in kids wading pools can also breed bacteria and viruses making people who use them ill. While these pools may seem like a cheap option, weigh up the risks for your family. For more information click here


Every pool or spa greater than a depth of 30cm requires a secure fence which must be registered, inspected and certified. Council or a private certifier can inspect your pool fence and make sure it complies with the NSW Swimming Pools Regulation 2018. A Certificate of Compliance for pool fencing has a limited validity (3 years) – make sure yours is current!


Make sure your pool toys and flotation devices fit your child’s age, weight and height range. Pool toys that are left in and around the pool make it more attractive for children to climb into the enclosure. Always deflate and pack away your pool toys when the pool is not in use. Remember, inflatable devices are never a substitute for vigilant supervision! For more tips click here.


The most effective way to keep your family and friends safe while they are swimming is to keep watch. If you are having a party or gathering, make sure there is a designated competent person who is not consuming alcohol so that they can assist in an emergency. Adults swimming under the influence of alcohol or drugs increase their risk of drowning or near drowning. Keep watch on each other in the water. For more information click here.


Not all pets can swim! Even doggies have to learn how to doggy-paddle! Ensure your pool is securely fenced and supervise your pet when swimming at home or around waterways. Some tips for water safety and pets can be found here.


If you’re out in the sun over summer, make sure you slip (on a shirt), slop (on some sunscreen), slap (on a hat), seek (shade), and slide (on some sunglasses)! Everyone knows what to do, but we forget to put it into practice every day! For some really great sun safety recommendations see NSW Cancer Council website.