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We have a plethora of wildlife in and around Gilgandra. Council’s Ranger deals with calls from injured kangaroos, to swooping magpies, to snakes in houses and yards.

Injured Wildlife

If a native animal has been involved in a motor vehicle accident or appears to be sick or injured in some other way, we may be able to assist by transporting the animal to the vet or by humanely euthanising it. You can contact Council’s Ranger on 6817 8800, or the NSW Police Assistance line on 131 444.

Wildlife Relocation

If a native animal is not injured but requires relocation, please call WIRES on 1300 094737 or visit their website. WIRES have expert native animal handlers and equipment for capturing and removing wildlife.

Swooping Magpies

Between the months of August and October, pairs of magpies will be raising their young and they get very territorial and protective. Magpies protect their nest by swooping any person or animal they think poses a threat. Magpies are a protected species in NSW so rather than relocate or harming the birds, we recommend reducing your chances of being swooped by taking the following precautions:

  • Do not deliberately provoke or harass the birds as this make them more aggressive
  • Be careful when walking in an area known to have a magpie nest
  • Leave the area as quickly as possible
  • Wear a large, wide brim hat and sunglasses or carry an open umbrella
  • Place fake eyes on the back of hats
  • Keep an eye on the bird to discourage the attack
  • If you ride a bicycle, wear a helmet and sunglasses and fit a bike flag to the bicycle.

If the bird continues to be aggressive, please contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service on (02) 6842 1311. For more information about magpies, visit the Office of Environment & Heritage website.


During the summer months, snakes can become a problem in the community by entering yards and even houses. Council does not remove snakes from private premises. Snakes in backyards are generally passing through. We recommend to bring children and pets inside and wait for the snake to leave your yard. If the snake continues to be a problem, you can call WIRES on 1300 094 737.


If you notice a bee swarm at or near your property and are concerned, please contact the Amateur Beekeepers Association who can assist with moving these bees. You can visit their website or search for a local beekeeper who specialises in swarms here.

For further information, please contact Council.