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If you see livestock outside a property boundary fence, and you are concerned they may endanger public safety, please report it to Council. Please make careful note of their location as they may move on before the Ranger can reach them.

Report to Ranger Services by contacting Council.

Roadside Grazing

Roadside grazing permits:

  • Only apply to council roads. To graze a TSR (travelling stock reserve) you must apply to the Local Land Services (LLS) directly
  • Are not permitted on state or national highways or within ½ km of a state or national highway
  • Are for daylight hours. All stock must be securely yarded/penned from dusk to dawn
  • Apply to the land directly adjacent to the applicant’s property unless written consent is obtained from neighbouring properties
  • The area must not be overstocked or overgrazed, and livestock must be kept off roads
  • Can be revoked if there is non-compliance with any condition on the permit.

To apply for a roadside grazing permit, you will need:

  • To complete an application for a Roadside Grazing Approval form – available at Council and the LLS
  • Have a Certificate of Currency demonstrating you have a $20 million Public Liability insurance
  • Provide a completed Animal Health Statement
  • Written authority/consent from property owners (if roadside is not adjoining stock owners property)
  • A ‘mud map’ showing the location of the grazing.