Road Categories and Hierarchy

All rural and urban roads under Council's management have been categorised by their present function and purpose as a transport link.  The local road network has been dissected into seven categories which will be taken into account in all decision making on maintenance, renewal and upgrade works on local roads:

  • Regionally Significant Roads (RS)
  • Primary Through Roads (PT)
  • Secondary Through Roads (ST)
  • Primary Non Through Roads (PN)
  • Secondary Non Through Roads (SN)
  • Large Residential Roads (LR)
  • Rear Lanes (RL)

Regular inspections of the local road network are carried out to determine current road condition and associated maintenance and renewal requirements. The frequency of road inspections and the levels and timing of programmed maintenance and renewal is influenced directly by the road hierarchy.

Inspections are conducted by a trained inspection officer and are aimed at identifying:

  • Defects that exceed predetermined intervention levels
  • Reductions in service level below the minimum accepted for that component of road
  • Unacceptable safety risks to road users
  • Annual local road resealing and resheeting programs.

Assessment of road condition is based on the following condition rankings:

 Condition Rating     Description   Explanation of Condition
1  Very Good Only planned maintenance required
2  Good Minor maintenance required plus planned maintenance
3  Fair Significant maintenance required
4  Poor Physically unsound and/or beyond rehabilitation
 Very Poor Significant renewal/rehabilitation required