Waste2Art 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Gilgandra's 2020 Waste2Art exhibition is just a little different. Welcome to our virtual exhibition. Congratulations to all the winners and entrants!

Brendon Schembri - Take Me

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Gilgandra Public School - MC Camelot

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In Science, MC Camelot studied how steel is made. The students explored its journey from the soil to our home. Along the way they discovered how steel is very recyclable, it can be reused multiple ways. As part of the Living World unit the class had to encourage living things into an area by providing a need, helping them to survive and thrive. Using milo cans the students created nesting/feeding boxes for our school vegetable garden.

Some other students saw the boxes in the garden and a discussion on the types of animals that could use these boxes developed. The students were then given the task to create, using an aluminium can, an animal that would use the nesting/feed boxes.

Tracey Napper

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