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One email and one letter is not going to change their decision. We suggest you send this email until you receive a response.

Keep any communication positive, respectful and remember our aim is to keep Target Australia as a corporate citizen of the Gilgandra community.

Dear Wesfarmers and Target Australia

I am a resident of Gilgandra who is devastated by the news of the impending closure of the Target Country store in Gilgandra.

Our community is suffering greatly due to what we now believe to be the worst drought in living memory. Our farming families, local residents and people from nearby communities do not just shop at Target Gilgandra, we consider it a vital part of our everyday lives.

Target Country stands as an icon in Miller Street and through good times and bad it is a source of confidence and pride in our local community. It keeps people shopping locally and in turn supports other businesses.

I understand that the current retail environment in Australia presents challenging times for Target Australia and you have been forced to look at measures to deal with these challenges. I ask that the Gilgandra community remain part of that journey.

I respectfully request that you give our community the opportunity to help your business, spell out what help you need and what our community can do to assist you to rethink this decision. The Gilgandra community will unite behind you and do whatever you need us to do to keep eight jobs in town and your much valued business.

Our community is suffering and whilst there is no good time to close a business, at this point in time it may well break the fragile hope for many people that tomorrow will be a better day.

Please give our community a shot at keeping our Target Country Store! 

Wesfarmers Limited 
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123 St Georges Terrace
Perth 6000, Western Australia
T (61 8) 9327 4211


Target Australia
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