Graincorp Industrial Precinct Traffic Design

The Industrial Subdivision is currently in the Development Application phase and is a major project estimated at $4million. As such the traffic levels and suitable access need to be considered in conjunction with feedback from potentially impacted residents. 

Preliminary concept design options have been identified for the new GrainCorp Industrial Precinct with each having key considerations for project cost, subdivision layout and traffic movements.

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Feedback on the preliminary options is now closed.

Please call Council on 6817 8800 if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

OPTION A Preliminary Concept Design - Rerouting Balladoran Road

This option would result in rerouting Balladoran Rail Road through the new subdivision, utilising the existing intersection to the current Graincorp South Site Access. The Balladoran Railway Road / Newell Highway intersection does have some deficiencies in its current condition. There is no dedicated turning lane or slip lane for northbound traffic turning right onto Balladoran Railway Road. The upgrade intersection is an estimated cost of $1m. This option, while effectively closing the current intersection of Balladoran Railway Rd and the Newell Highway, does allow for two access points through the Industrial Subdivision. 

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OPTION B Preliminary Concept Design - Closed subdivision development

This option would see only one access to the Industrial Precinct via the GrainCorp South Entrance. Under this Option, some form of emergency access/exit would need to be created to allow access in the event of a blockage at the single entry and exit point to the subdivision. This option does not impact onto the current Balladoran Rail Road, and will not incur additional intersection costs.

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