Coo-ee Heritage Centre upgrades

The Coo-ee Heritage Centre (CHC) is set for an upgrade!

Council recently hosted project information sessions in November 2020, providing an update to the community and volunteers on the project delivery and timeframes. 

Concept Designs


Front entrance


Side view


Rear view

Revised Drawings

01.-REVISION-FLOOR-PLAN.jpg(PDF, 254KB)                                                                               02.-REVISION-FRONT-ELEVATION-AND-BLOWUPS.jpg

Proposed floor plan                                                                                                   Proposed elevations                                     

Project background

In 2019, Council was successful in a NSW Government’s Regional Cultural Fund (RCF) grant for the Gilgandra Cultural Precinct (GCP). This includes upgrades to the Coo-ee Heritage Centre, as well as the Windmill Walk, linking the CBD, Rural Museum and Coo-ee Heritage Centre.

In line with Council’s strategic planning documents, the Coo-ee Heritage Centre (CHC) is committed to offer a well-represented and functional visitor centre and cultural experience to residents and visitors.

This grant followed extensive Council and community consultation and the development of Council’s Gilgandra Cultural Precinct Strategc Plan which focusses on 3 key themes within Gilgandra: 

  • Military heritage, including Cooee March
  • Landscape, including the natural environment and farming
  • Aboriginal heritage

 The main outcomes and priorities focus on: 

  • Generating local community ownership and pride
  • Being a visitor destination
  • Support and encouragement for local and regional cultural and artistic expression
  • Understanding, knowledge and respect for local history, heritage and environment
  • The economic benefit to Gilgandra Shire

Community consultation saw 96% of respondents agree with the future direction of the CHC.

Timeframe for the Project

Timing Activity
May - January  Community consultation (current phase)
February - May  Tender and approvals process
June - December  Construction period 

It is planned that the Visitor Information Centre will operate out of The GIL and then Gilgandra's Main Street for the duration of the construction period.

For further information about this project, please contact Council on 6817 8800.